Love wandering down the wineries trail? You're in good company...

At Frankie’s we’re passionate about all things food, wine and fun and love sharing our passion with guests. 

My names Monique and I created Frankie’s to truly showcase the beauty of our stunning Hunter Valley wine region.


Through Frankie’s I wish to share with you just how wonderful our vineyard region is, as we explore the wineries trail, meet and mingle with the locals and have a bunch of fun along the way.

As for Frankie... well he's my mischievous little tour buddy, he loves a wine, squeezing into photos and funny places and has a bit of a cheeky nature, but I'll let him introduce himself to you when we're on the vineyard trail together - until then here's a little picture of the two of us

Monique with pink background.png

A little bit more about us

Wine & fun is our passion & promise


Winding down the wineries trail is our favourite thing to do! We bring our passion and knowledge for the local vineyard industry and could chat wine all day if you wanted us to.  We're not all about being wine snobs though don't worry and we know how to mix passion with fun, that's why we have some great experiences to offer and plenty of tunes to party on throughout the day...


Hand picked unique experiences to make sure you have the best time possible!


Oh yes we have a stack of unique experiences sourced just for you, and we're always on the scout for more quirky and fun places to take you and activities to do to have the best time possible!

Of course there's wine but that's just the beginning.... then there's vodka tasting, behind the scenes winery tours, quaint chocolate and fudge shops, craft breweries, tours through the vines, treasure hunts and lots of other fun packed into our itineraries... we can't wait to show you all the tricks in our bag


We're locals supporting locals


We love tourism that helps give back to small businesses and believe the best experiences and stories come from locals who know the region inside and out, that's why we're committed to supporting local vineyard owners, producers and cellar doors